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Sound Check Wednesday (April 28th, 2023)


- presents its latest series of album reviews, featuring 10 new metal releases from April 28th. From up-and-coming artists to underground gems, our team has scoured the depths of the metal scene to bring you a diverse range of reviews that cut through the noise. Stay tuned as we continue to deliver 10 reviews a day, giving you the inside scoop on the latest metal releases.

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Artist: Mordari
Release Title: Nightmares
Record Label: Independent

Diving into the world of Mordari’s latest album, “Nightmares,” listeners will find a fascinating array of musical ideas and styles, all masterfully executed by Emil Ljungkrantz, who handles both vocals and instrumentation. The album’s production is commendable, creating an engaging atmosphere through the use of captivating guitar riffs. Although the vocals in “Infanticide” and “Nightmares” occasionally come across as robotic and uneven, the latter still stands as one of the strongest tracks on the album. Mordari showcases versatility with more melodic and clean moments, as evidenced in “The Memories I Hide,” while exploring progressive and experimental realms in “Something In My Eyes.” The industrial-leaning “Lies Echo Loudest” and Marilyn Manson-esque “You Better Hide” further demonstrate the band’s diverse range. Although “Nightmares” presents a plethora of ideas that could easily be split into two separate albums, this ambitious approach ensures that no two tracks sound alike, making for a truly intriguing listening experience.

Artist: Morgurth
Release Title: Blood Eagle
Record Label: Independent

In the realm of atmospheric black metal, Morgurth’s “Blood Eagle” stands out as a compelling one-man project, offering an array of memorable riffs and relentless drumming that captivates the listener. While the bass tends to be more discernible in the absence of vocals, the guitar solos stay true to the black metal genre’s typical style. The unstoppable force of the drums adds intensity to the overall sound, even if they don’t always seem entirely realistic. Despite some production limitations, “Blood Eagle” successfully delivers a solid black metal experience that fans of the genre will appreciate. This album showcases Morgurth’s dedication and skill in crafting a cohesive and captivating musical journey.

Artist: Necronomicon
Release Title: Constant to Death
Record Label: El Puerto Records

In their latest release “Constant to Death,” Necronomicon demonstrates their ability to transcend the boundaries of typical German thrash metal. With a remarkable history of delivering solid albums across various decades, the band continues to incorporate classical metal influences, evident in their distinctive vocal approach. While the solos stay true to the genre’s expectations, there are instances where the vocal intonation might not perfectly align with the instrumental backdrop. Despite this, “Constant to Death” offers an intriguing listening experience for thrash metal enthusiasts and those interested in exploring Necronomicon’s genre-bending capabilities.

Artist: Orphans of Dusk
Release title: Spleen
Record Label: Hypnotic Dirge Records

Nearly a decade after their debut EP, Orphans of Dusk’s highly anticipated full-length album “Spleen” captivates listeners with its mesmerizing blend of gothic and doom metal. The album kicks off with an intriguing intro that sets the stage for the powerful combination of gothic metal vocals and doom metal instrumentals in “Wasted Hero.” The vocalist truly shines when breaking free from conventional phrasing and embracing more melodic and passionate tones. With tracks reaching up to 8 or 9 minutes in length, the album offers a comprehensive listening experience. The instrumentation manages to create a beautiful soundscape while maintaining a haunting atmosphere that encapsulates the themes of death and romance. “Spleen” is an immersive journey that showcases Orphans of Dusk’s unique take on the gothic and doom metal genres.

Artist: Path to Midian
Release Title: Martyr
Record Label: Independent

Path to Midian delivers a captivating listening experience with their debut full-length album, “Martyr.” The opening track, “The Reaper,” sets the stage with its heavy metal sound, infused with Slayer-esque elements, expressive solos, and powerful, war-like drumming. The album then ventures into more melodic territory with “Kill Your Own King,” where atmospheric keyboards add depth to the slower pace. The diverse array of tracks on “Martyr” keeps listeners engaged, as demonstrated by “This Day,” which begins with a tender, ballad-like tone before transitioning into a modern metal vibe. “Bent” brings back the groove-heavy energy reminiscent of the opening track, solidifying the album’s appeal. Overall, “Martyr” offers an intriguing blend of styles, proving Path to Midian to be a promising addition to the heavy and groove metal scene.

Artist: Redshift
Release Title: Laws of Entropy
Record Label: Pale Wizard Records

Redshift’s “Laws of Entropy” captures listeners with its artfully crafted drumming and groove-laden basslines, while the vocal duel between melodic singing and screams showcases the band’s diverse range. The interplay between progressive guitar solos and keyboard arrangements adds a thrilling dynamic to the album. Spanning from 5 to 21 minutes in length, the tracks provide ample opportunity for the band to express their intricate ideas and complexity, particularly in the longer songs. The vocals shine in “Civilisation,” and “Entropy” delivers a delightful surprise, offering a refreshing and engaging break after a trio of extended tracks. This singular and ambitious album is a testament to Redshift’s progressive metal prowess, leaving a memorable impression on listeners.

Artist: Runemagick
Release Title: Beyond the Cenotaph of Mankind
Record Label: Hammerheart Records

Imbued with a mystical and enigmatic atmosphere, “Beyond the Cenotaph of Mankind” by Runemagick captivates the listener from the very start. The album opens with “Archaic Magick (After the Red Sun)”, where heavy, dark guitar riffs intertwine with doom-infused drums, setting the stage for a mesmerizing journey. The band’s ability to maintain an intriguing, somber tone throughout the album is commendable, consistently inviting the listener to delve deeper into their haunting world. The powerful vocals evoke a sense of obedience, as if guiding listeners by an unseen force. With the promise of a spectacular live performance, Runemagick’s latest offering is an enigmatic and captivating work of art that demonstrates their mastery of blending death and doom metal.

Artist: Scrap Pile
Release Title: The Eagle Lake Slasher
Record Label: Ossuary Industries

“The Eagle Lake Slasher” by Scrap Pile delivers an intense brutal death metal experience with moments that stand out, despite some production setbacks. The vocals take center stage, which might have been better balanced with the instruments for a more cohesive sound. The album showcases the distinctive pig squeal-style vocals and a prominent bass guitar, a refreshing element in the genre. While the album may not offer a narrative journey through its music, tracks like “Fuck Around and Find Out” and “Killed in a Cave,” featuring Clint Enax from SPAFF, demonstrate the potential for engaging and memorable moments. Although the snare drum can be somewhat distracting at times, “The Eagle Lake Slasher” still offers a raw and unapologetic exploration of brutal death metal.

Artist: Storm Seeker
Release Title: Nautic Force
Record Label: NoCut Entertainment

“Nautic Force” by Storm Seeker embarks on a spirited journey through pirate-themed folk metal, showcasing the band’s potential for growth and creativity. The album features shared vocal duties between Timo Bornfleth, who also plays bass, and Fabi, who handles the hurdy-gurdy and recorder. Although the opening track could have benefited from a more engaging approach to capture the listener’s attention, the lively presence of the accordion breathes life into the songs as the album progresses. “Nautic Force” is a festive and entertaining experience that hints at Storm Seeker’s potential to navigate even more adventurous waters in the future.

Artist: Terranoct
Release Title: Icon of Ruin
Record Label: Independent

“Icon of Ruin” marks the long-awaited full-length debut from Terranoct, following a series of promising singles. The album kicks off with “Meridian,” a track that skillfully blends guitar melodies and keyboards before introducing the listener to the band’s powerful blend of thrash and death metal. Although the vocals are noticeably absent in the opening track, they make a commanding entrance in “Omnipotence,” living up to the track’s title. Throughout the album, intricate guitar and bass work provide a solid backbone, accompanied by compelling leads and extravagant riffs. While the drumming remains true to the metal genres Terranoct represents, a touch of groove might have added an extra dimension. “Icon of Ruin” is a strong debut, but it could benefit from a slightly more concise runtime to align with contemporary standards.

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